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Important links to valuable resources that will help you find relief from... Chronic or acute neck and upper back pain.  From sports injuries, arthritis or whiplash injuries.  Backache and lower back pain or hip pain from lifting injuries,  poor posture or spinal arthritis.  Our chiropractor has over twenty years of experience. Check out these important chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional therapies for these common condition.  Spinal Stenosis    Neck and Back Pain   Neuropathy & Neuralgia    Fibromyalgia    Pinched Nerves & Carpal Tunnel     Poor Posture & Scoliosis    Tinnitus   Tremors   Learn about ...   Acupuncture   Chiropractic   Muscle Alignment  Decompression   Clinical Nutrition

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Expert Available to Speak About Work-From-Home Injuries; October is National Chiropractic Health Month

ACA Applauds Signing of Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act
ACA applauds Congress for passing legislation that will promote fair competition in health insurance markets with the removal of a 75-year-old exemption that allowed these companies to avoid federal antitrust laws.
Enjoy the Journey: Avoid Travel Aches and Pains This Summer
Whether you are traveling alone, on business or on your way to a sunny resort with your family this summer, long hours in a car or on an airplane can leave you stressed, tired, stiff and sore. ACA offers tips to alleviate some of the common aches and pains associated with travel.
ACA Encouraged by Expansion of Chiropractic Services to Military Exchanges
The American Chiropractic Association is encouraged by news that the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) will offer chiropractic services at six U.S. locations beginning this year. The development could signal positive changes to come in respect to coverage of chiropractic services for military families and retirees.
Manual Therapy Providers to Meet at Interprofessional Collaborative Spine Conference
Members of the chiropractic, physical therapy and osteopathic professions will come together later this year in the wake of the ongoing U.S. opioid crisis to discuss the use of manual therapy procedures and other non-drug approaches for the treatment of back pain, as well as to identify opportunities for greater interprofessional research and cooperation.